Halifax Agricultural Show
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Don’t forget that there is also plenty to see in the Show Jumping, Vintage Vehicles and Fun Dog rings as well as all the other animal sections in the marquees around the ground.


Timetable of Events

10.00am                Little Nippers Lurcher & Terrier Show

10.45am                Bolddog Lings – Freestyle Motocross Team

11.45am                Lamb National Sheep Race

12.30pm               Dog Agility Show

  1.15pm                Birds of Prey Display

  2.00pm                Little Nippers Lurcher & Terrier Show

  2.45pm                Lamb National Sheep Race

  3.30pm                Birds of Prey Display

  4.15pm                Bolddog Lings – Freestyle Motocross Team


The Lamb National

This event really is one for all the family as you watch the stars of track and field:

The hardy Herdwick sheep are in sheep shape and are a breed known for their agility as they originate from the challenging terrain of the Lake District in Cumbria, UK and need to be able to jump to negotiate natural hazards. In their individual colours, jumping over fences to complete the race.

The Lamb Nationals provide an amusing commentary from the initial parade where the runners & riders are introduced with names such as 'Red Ram' and 'No Ewe Turns’ and throughout the race describing each sheep's attempt to bleat the competition.

The Lamb National is an extremely popular attraction which Bob Hogg travels the Country with.  The act comprises of 5-6 Herdwick Sheep which are renowned for their hardiness and agility.  After being paraded in their colours and introduced to the audience they are led to the start line and away they go down the track and over the jumps.

The sheep are in brightly coloured coats and have “jockeys” on board.

Bob does his own amusing commentary for his displays which includes lots of encouragement for “Red Ram” and “Sheargar”. 




Bolddog Lings Freestyle Motocross Team


The nationally acclaimed team has the largest most high tech landing ramp in the world and has been ridden by the world’s best freestyle professionals including World number one Nate Adams, and World record holder, Robbie Madison the current day Evil Knievel. The landing ramp has also been used on the world renowned Crusty Demons Tour and was recently used on the Top Gear Live Tour.

The ramp allows the riders to jump gaps of over 75 feet and reach heights of over 35ft in the air, which gives the riders enough “air-time” to perform an array of death defying tricks usually only seen on T.V.  The show features tricks such as the ‘look back heart attack’, ‘holy grab’, ‘cliff hanger’, ‘kiss of death’, ‘dead body’ and many more. Many of these moves will result in the rider exiting their seat, taking their hands off the handlebars and rotating their body around the bike! 

The Riders also go head to head in a true test of nerve to see who will throw down the biggest tricks to win over the crowd. If that’s not enough the riders provide onboard commentary while performing tricks giving you a true taste of what the rider is doing.

The 2017 freestyle team boasts the Best of British riding, and includes top talent in the way of the UK’s 1st rider to backflip a four stroke motocross bike and 1 of the UK's top FMX rider's, Dan Whitby, who will also be managing the team this year.  The team also includes one of the UK’s highly rated FMX rider's and super stylish, Samson Eaton, along with young talent tipped for the top, Arran Powley. With minimum of two riders performing at each event the team looks to continue to set the standard in FMX showmanship this year.  Public are invited to meet the stars of the show at the Bolddog Lings interactive stand where they can also find out more about Freestyle Motocross.

Not only have the team appeared in some of the largest shows in the world, but have also graced the big screen featuring in Hollywood blockbusters such as Captain America.

Bolddog Lings Team Manager and one of the UK’s top freestyle riders, Dan Whitby, describes the show as, “It’s more than just freestyle. It’s a non-stop show that will entertain everyone from off–road enthusiasts to the general public. It’s a must see part of any festival and is continually growing in popularity as the awareness of FMX increases.” 

The Team’s main sponsors are East Anglian Honda dealers Lings Honda and further support is received from Honda UK, Castrol Oils, Dunlop Tyres, Madison, Thor Riding Gear, GoPro Cameras, CTI Braces, Duck Smart Cleaner, Dirt Bike Rider Magazine and FTR Suspension.





Ridgeside Lurcher & Terrier Display

Phill and Emma Gibbons of Ridgeside Lurchers invite you to see their fantastic Lurchers do what comes naturally to them! In the arena they will race at full speed chasing the electric lure. They offer a fast, action-packed demonstration with an informative and humourous commentary. The public will have the chance to “have a go” with their own dogs - whatever their breed!

 For 2017 Ridgeside are introducing the “Little Nippers Terrier Racing”. The ‘Little Nipper Terriers’ are the latest addition to the Ridgeside Family – and they can’t wait to bring real mayhem to shows and fayres all over the UK with the ‘Little Nippers Terrier Racing’. Not only great fun for the dogs – audiences love it too!